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The Lamp Liter

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My newest passion is golf.  I'm not too bad...

Check out my swing!

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Kevin - Walleye - Hayward WI

Angel at "Phil's Place" catching bluegills

Fishing in Illinois and Wisconsin - walleye, crappie, blugill, bass, and ... the one I love to hate ... Muskie.

Kevin - 33" Muskie - Hayward WI

Nick - 42

Kevin - 34" Muskie - Hayward WI

Tony Sitar
Mercury & Mariner Servicing and Repair

Mid-spring, the guys head "up north" to cure cabin fever with some great crappie fishing.

Nick & Kevin - Hayward WI

Nick & Kevin preparing to clean the day's catch.

Nick - Crappie - Hayward WI

Kevy - Crappie - Hayward WI

Of course, Kevy out-fished them again. But, they'll never admit that!

Crappies - Hayward WI

It was a good morning's catch.
We'll clean them up, have some lunch, and head back out again.

Later, after supper, we'll play some cards, tell some jokes,
... and talk about the fish that got away.

The fishing is always great.
But, it is the scenery that makes it all worth while.
Guess that's why it is called "God's Country".

Bald Eagle - Hayward WI

Nick has made friends with a bald eagle. It circles overhead...
he waves up a fish in the air, whistling to his friend... then, he tosses the fish high into the air...

The eagle shrieks in its appreciation. Just before the fish lands in the lake, the mighty eagle swoops down ... and claims his treat.

Kevin - Small Mouth Bass - Illinois River

Living in LaSalle County, means fishing in the Illinois River. The walleyes run early spring and late fall. Catfish are the big draw for the Chicagoans. But, it is the bass that keep the fishing interesting.

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In early fall, its up to Lake Michigan for salmon and trout. Whether you take a salmon charter out on the lake or fish from the breaker wall in Port Washington, it is sure to be a great day.

June - Brown Trout - Port Washingtion WI

The fishing begins at daylight in longjohns, jeans, t-shirt, sweatshirt, coat, and gloves. There might even be a light snow.

Kevin - Coho - Port Washington WI

Kevin - 2 Salmon   Dave Anderson - Salmon & Rainbow Trout    -- Port Washington WI

By noon, you're stripped down to just t-shirt and jeans. The sun is shining and you've caught your limit. It has been a great day.

Tony Sitar
Mercury & Mariner Servicing and Repair

Mid-summer, the "fam" joins June in the Upper Penninsula... where she has to work while they get to play. Whether they are in Houghton or Escanaba, the fishing is always great!

3 1/2# 23' Walleye caught in Little Bay de Noc

Kevy's catch of walleye on Little Bay de Noc

Kevin's catch on Little Bay de Noc

If you enjoy fishing and boating as much as I do, send a petition to your senator. No TOXIC DUMPING!!!

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Golfing - First time on a golf course was Summer of 2000. That was all it took. Love it. Can't get enough of it. And all the gadgets you can buy!!! Not too bad either... I'm able to play competitively with friends, but not quite ready for the circuit.